PVM and PVH sweepers

The PVM and PVH are modular, developed for various variants and combinations of cleaning, terrain moistening and drive versions. The PVM and PVH differ in drive type, as the PVM is powered mechanically via a PTO shaft, and the PVH is powered hydraulically via the vehicle.


Sweepers are intended primarily for cleaning roads, construction sites and other public surfaces, and have been tested on different types of terrain.


The difference between individual variants is in the type of drive, which is mechanical or hydraulic, terrain moistening, type of water reservoir and use of dustpan for easier removal of material from closed areas.


Max width Cleaning width Brush diameter Dustpan volume
PV 200 2,3m 2,1m / 2m (15°) 0,6 m 150 L
PV 230 2,5m 2,4m / 2,3m(15°) 0,6 m 180 L