MB 200 bitumen sprayer

The Riko MB 200 sprayer is intended for spraying bitumen emulsion onto an asphalt service. It is used to repair asphalt surfaces or create new ones. The bitumen emulsion is sprayed with the help of a manually guided nozzle and continuously variable regulation of the spray cone. The bitumen emulsion is pumped from and pre-heated from a barrel and mounted on a trolley together with the spraying generator. An air-cooled ROBIN SUBARU gasoline generator with 4.5 HP is used to power it. Cleaning the machine is simple, rinsing with the help of oil.


  • Engine – SUBARU 4.5 EX 16
  • Engine power – 4.5 kW
  • Pump pressure – 10 bar
  • Pump flow – 6,9 cm3/rev
  • Mass – 105 kg
  • Number of wheels – 3