KK Mowers

KK rear-mounted mowers are RIKO mowers, intended for mowing grass and undergrowth alongside roads, on water canal banks and elsewhere, where ordinary mowers cannot successfully and safely mow the vegetation. By replacing the cutting head with one of the additional attachments, the mower can also clean roadside ditches, clear snow with a snow cutter, and cut branches. The KK-S mower also vacuums the mowed grass onto a suitable hopper behind the vehicle.

These mowers are mounted on the rear or the seat of the rear of an appropriate vehicle (Unimog, …). These mowers are controlled by a passenger in the vehicle, thus increasing overview when mowing and thereby increasing the speed of mowing.

KK mower protection mechanism

The mower is protected from mechanical damage when encountering an obstacle between the first and second arm with a hydraulic cylinder and hydraulic battery. The cutting head attachment moves away from the obstacle and returns to the original position by itself. The RIKOSLED tracking system is possible between the second arm and the cutting head, enabling automated tracking of uneven terrain.

Mounting on various vehicles

KK mowers can be mounted on various vehicles (especially the Unimog family) with a rear of suitable size and weight. To increase vehicle stability when mowing, counterweights are mounted on the left side of the mounting frame, with the rear axle of the vehicle also stabilized electro-hydraulically. With the KK-S mower, an appropriate hopper also has to be attached onto the existing vehicle to vacuum the mowed grass onto. When finished using the mower, it is set aside on suitable support legs.

Hydraulic system

KK mowers have a hydraulic generator, powered via a vehicle with a PTO shaft, to power the control system of levers and the rotor on the cutting head or other attachment. The hydraulic batteries-circuits of the vehicle can also be used. The mowers are controlled electro-hydraulically via a control lever and control panel in the vehicle. The mowers are controlled by a passenger, or in exceptional circumstances also the driver.


Operating range from vehicle center Width of mowing Vehicle weight Counterweight used
KK 7 6,5 m 0,6 or 1,2 m Above 4500 kg 500 kg
KK 8 7,25 m 0,6 or 1,2 m Above 5000 kg 2×500 kg
KK 8S 7,2 m 0,6 or 1,2 m Above 5000 kg 600 kg