Fence repair device

The fence repair device is a universal attachment for hammering in and extracting steel pillars and reflective fencing. The device can also be used to straighten out damaged reflective fencing. It is mounted on the carries plate of the service vehicle or truck with a built-in hydraulic device. Using additional tools, it is no problem to make holes for signposts or pillars for winter road marking, as the drill is able to drill holes of up to 300 mm in diameter and 1000 mm in depth. The device is controlled via a portable control.


Mass 890 kg
Transport height 2800 mm
Transport width 2300 mm
Opening in the lead and piston 55 x 125 mm
Maximum length of the support pillar 2150 mm
Extraction force 45 kN + vibrations
Drill size According to the customer’s specifications
Hydraulics working pressure (cylinders, winch) 160 bar
Hydraulics working pressure (hammer) 110 bar
Voltage 24 V
Control Electro-hydraulic