Cutting Technique

When carrying out our technological processes the need for cutting various materials arises, so our range of products also includes several devices for different types of cutting processes.

Alligator Cutter

Intended for cutting scrap metal in form of bars and rods and for cutting electric cables, but can also be used for other materials. They are distinguished by a strong robust design, which ensures a long service life.


Guillotines are intended for cutting waste and damaged printing paper and plastic foils rolled into coils. The dimension of the machine adapts to the length and diameter of the coil/roll.

Cable Strippers

Cable strippers are intended for stripping of the isolation of the majority of cable types (PVC or rubber, reinforced with wire, coaxial). Our program includes the types of CS-201 and CS-210. They differ in the drive motor, which may be a 1- or 3-phase motor with the power of 2.2 kW.+

Circular Shears

Circular Shears are intended for cutting of individual hard and big cardboard pieces.