Bucher Municipal AG sweepers

Vehicles intended and developed for sweeping

As a representative of the Bucher Municipal company, we offer the CityCat compact sweeper vehicles and the CityFant truck-mounted sweepers.

CityCats are distinguished by their excellent maneuvering capabilities and stability. They have a four-wheel steering system, ensuring sweeping in even the narrowest turns and passes.

With their technological solutions, they are perfect for cleaning larger areas, parking lots, shopping malls or even whole cities.



Basic length Width Turning radius Storage container
CityCat 1000 3,7 m 1,1 m 4 m 1 m3
CityCat 2020 3,8 m 1,3 m 6,1 m 2 m3
CityCat 5000/5006 4,6 m 1,8 m 6 m 4 m3