A branch cutter is a hydraulic tool that can cut branches and tree trunks with a diameter of up to 80 mm. For successful operation, the cutter has to be attached to a carrier arm, mounted onto the vehicle and used to place it in the cutting area, with the vehicle performing movements and ensuring the required quantity of the hydraulic medium for the cutter’s operation and the arm movements.

As the cutter is usually used to trim roadside hedges and undergrowth, it is very convenient to mount it on the arm of UHR, KS etc. mowers, which are mounted onto the carrier vehicle.


Largest trunk diameter   (mm) 100 100
Trunk cutting diameter (mm) 80 80
Cutting width (mm) 1460 2160
Mass  (kg) 210 276
Required hydraulic medium flow (l/min) 30 30
Required hydraulic pressure (bar) 160 160
Recommended number of cutting cycles (hod/min) 60 60