The roots of Riko go back to the second half of the 19th century, to 1881, when a workshop for sports, medical and other metal equipment is established in Ribnica, the cradle of Slovenian entrepreneurship. Called JOR, the company becomes the most renowned gymnastic equipment factory not just in Slovenia, but all of Yugoslavia, after increasing its production after the First World War.


In 1938, the company employs over 30 workers and apprentices. Its production includes the following departments:

  • gymnastic equipment (parallel bars, gym equipment …)
  • athletic equipment
  • ski, sled and other winter sports gear production
  • medical appliances (dental chairs, operating tables)
  • agriculture (field ploughs, harrows and other agricultural equipment)

Following the small workshop denationalization act, the factory in nationalized in 1948. Winter sports gear programs are transferred to what is today the Elan factory in Begunje, while most of the other programs are terminated.


In 1955, the company renames itself as Kovinsko podjetje Ribnica, specialized for the production of agricultural equipment. In 1957, the company moves from its old location in Mlaka to its new location in Lepovče.


In 1969, the company renames itself as RIKO (Ribniška kovniska industrija). In cooperation with the Schmidt and Beilchack companies, it begins production of snow ploughs and snow clearing machines, and in cooperation with the Epoke company, it begins production of salt and sand sprayers.


In 1975, the production of hydraulic compressors for iron and other materials begins. Small compressors were intended for paper, barrels and waste, while large compressors were used for compressing garbage, iron and metallic waste.


In 1980, Riko’s production program expands with the production of: agricultural machinery (tractor loaders and attachments), double vibration rollers (in cooperation with the Bomag company), airport equipment and municipal equipment.


In 1988, the production of highly sophisticated flexible systems (industrial robots and production lines) begins.


As of 1993, the current Riko Ribnica is an independent company, focusing on the production of road machinery.


In 2013 we built a new production hall.


Construction of a new office building and updating of hardware (purchase bending machine and CNC laser ).


The construction of additional warehouses and semi-finished products.


Summed up from materials from the »Na zdar! Sokolsko društvo Kočevje« exhibition.

Ploughing once upon a time